Board of Directors / Staff

One World Arts is managed by a team composed of a few dedicated staff members and a passionate group of volunteers who form the Board of Directors.

Staff / Office

Pixie Cram
One World Film Festival Program Manager

Pixie has been involved in film and media art in Ottawa for more than 12 years. She is an artist, administrator, and teacher. Pixie teaches filmmaking and video production workshops to adults, youth and children. She is a member of the Windows Collective, a group of Ottawa artists who create public outdoor installations using the medium of film. Her films and videos range in format from stop-motion animation, to fiction and documentary. Her work has shown at festivals across Canada, in the United States, Eastern Europe and Russia. Pixie works part-time at SAW Video as Workshop Coordinator. This is also her second year as Program Manager of the One World Film Festival.

Micheline Shoebridge
Awesome Arts Program and Festival Manager

Micheline has been working in the arts and culture sector for more than 15 years.

She has worked as Event and Program Manager for a variety of organizations. Since 2010 Micheline has managed the One World Awesome Arts Program and Festival for children and youth which aims to raises the awareness of global issues through the arts. Micheline also works at MASC as the Seniors Program Coordinator and has taught in Algonquin College's Documentary Program. She was Manager of the One World Film Festival in 2009.

Fully bilingual, Micheline has also worked as producer and production manager on documentaries, dramatic series, short films, music videos and commercials. Her most recent project, a theatrical documentary set in Tajikistan called Buzkashi! premiered at the Hot Docs Film Festival in May 2012.
Micheline also sits on the board of Créations In Vivo, an award-winning French Theatre company.

Rainer Lichtenfels
Volunteer Administrator

Board of directors

As a “working board”, this group is involved in every dimension of One World Arts operations - program development, event production, fundraising, non-profit governance, communications and promotions, and building partnerships with other local organizations. With a range of skills and experiences in both the international development and arts worlds, One World Arts’ Board of Directors brings a clear vision and plenty of capacity to turn it into reality, and has lots of fun working together.

Carol Ann Pilon

Carol Ann has worked in the television and film industry since 1992. She holds an Honours BA with Specialization in Communication from the University of Ottawa. In 2000, she directed her first documentary film for television. Since then, Carol Ann has directed over 70 programs for the French-Canadian television industry. These have been broadcast on SRC, TFO, TV5, Canal vie and Bravo.

Caroline John

Caroline joined the OWA Board in 2011 and is mainly involved in the management of volunteers and community outreach. Her interests are sustainability, theatre and other arts, and vibrant communities. She is passionate to find means of increasing civic engagement and social capital in our communities. She has a BSc and is also working on a degree in communications and public awareness. All her spare time goes to dance, cooking and daydreaming.

Emily Monks-Leeson

Krisztina Damjanovich

Rhiana Chinapen

Current chair of One World Arts, Rhiana has over 10 years experience in community engagement and education on global issues.  She holds a BA in International Relations and Political Science, and a MA in Communication.  Rhiana is a firm believer in the capacity of art to effect change and is proud to participate in Ottawa's burgeoning community of artists and activists.  She is currently working on her first film.  

Susan Johnston