About Awesome Arts

In the last 10 years One World Arts has emphasized the educational dimension of our programming focusing on the youth and children. Our present youth program, One World Awesome Arts Program and Festival, brings artistic excellence and creativity to under-served communities, enabling at-risk youth to explore and express themselves via various art forms such as slam poetry, music, theatre and video all the while learning about global issues. The goal is to awaken a love for the arts and to develop an awareness about global issues. Through the program participants learn how art can be a powerful form of expression and learning

Following the workshops, we host a free festival where the children and youth showcase their creations to their community. The Awesome Arts Festival also features local professional artist performances, inspiring the participants and community to remain connected with the arts and the issues. This format allows the participants to gain confidence and express themselves as important members of their community. The program reaches far beyond the children and youth who participate in the workshops as the whole community becomes involved.

To date we have run Awesome Arts programs in a number of under-served communities around Ottawa providing more than 275 individual workshops led by 30 local professional artists to over 300 at-risk children and youth. The Awesome Arts Festivals have featured performances from over 200 children and youth and over 60 local professional artist performances to over 2000 residents in Ottawa.

We are always interested in new partnerships, so please contact us today!

The Awesome Arts Program and Festival would not be possible without the important financial contribution of the Leacross Foundation, TELUS, Heritage Canada, Community Foundation of Ottawa, Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa. Our community partners are an essential component of the Awesome Arts program. We would like to thank our present partners: the Lowertown Resource Community Centre and Sandy Hill Community Health Centre for their wonderful collaboration and support. We would also like to acknowledge our important local partners: MASC, Salamander Theatre, Affinity Productions, JenCor Entertainment, Ottawa Stilt Union, Henry's, Carbon Computing and many more. Please visit our Sponsors and Partners page to see how many wonderful organizations are involved in making Awesome Arts such a dynamic program a success.

One World Awesome Arts 2012 - Community Foundation of Ottawa 25th Anniversary Video