About the One World Film Festival

The One World Film Festival brings together filmmakers, activists, students, and members of the public concerned about human rights and environmental sustainability. The OWFF features documentary film screenings, panel discussions, Q&As with visiting filmmakers, kiosks, and presentations from NGOs.
Le Festival du film One World réunit des cinéastes, militants, étudiants et membres du public préoccupés par les questions de droits de la personne et de la viabilité de l'environnement. Le Festival offre de projection de documentaires, de discussions, de séances de questions et réponses avec des cinéastes, de kiosques et de présentations par des ONG.

Call for Documentary Films and Videos

The One World Film Festival (OWFF) is currently seeking submissions of documentary films and videos for its 2014 edition. 

The OWFF brings together regional and international documentary films and their makers, as well as representatives from a range of NGOs and organizations concerned about global issues and environmental sustainability. The 25th annual festival will be held September 25-26 and October 2-3 in Ottawa.

The festival is seeking submissions of documentaries on topics such as human rights, social justice, globalization, and the environment. Feature length and short films of any length created in the past 2 years may be submitted for consideration. There are no submission fees. Screening fees will be paid for all selected films. Ottawa/Gatineau filmmakers are also strongly encouraged to send in their work.
Please include the following information with your submission: contact information/return address, year of production, available formats, running time, language(s), province or country of origin, and premiere status (i.e. has it premiered in Canada, a Canadian city, or internationally?).

Email submissions with an Internet link to the work’s online location may be submitted; however, DVD copies will be required for screening accepted works at the festival in autumn.

Preview DVDs can be mailed or *hand-delivered to:
One World Film Festival
c/o One World Arts
323 Chapel Street, 3rd Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 7Z2
Office Hours: 12:30pm – 4:30pm (Mon. – Fri.)
Office Phone: (613) 238-4659

The deadline for submissions is June 30th 2014.

For more information, contact Zoë Mallett at oneworldfilmfestival@oneworldarts.ca
* If you are delivering your submission in person, you can leave your package in the mailbox outside the One World Arts office. The building is open between 9am and 5pm (Mon. – Fri.).



Congratulations to Dear Mandela, winner of the best of the festival award!  

We wanted to award a film that ranked high across the board, therefore it had to connect to the themes of the festival, tell a good story, resonate emotionally, keep one engaged and balance form and content consistently throughout.  
Dear Mandela was a strikingly intimate film, patient in its conception and skillfully shot and edited. Paramount was the fact that the film had a heartbeat.  We felt the characters, we felt the conflict and the sense of journey, all
the while gaining new insight into family, home, litigation, duty, honour and violence; universal concepts we seek to define and understand our whole lives.

Honourable mention goes to The Defector
Our honourable mention goes to 
Defector: Escape from North Korea.  Aesthetically the film was a stand out, immensely stylized and beautifully shot for a film on the run. Strong direction and cinematography put you in the subjective space of the film’s defectors, camouflaged in a blurry sea of neon and shadow.

- Craig Conoley, 2013 OWFF jury