Reel Food Film Festival

Organization of the Reel Food Film Festival is currently in transition.  Please stay tuned for updates.


The Reel Food Film Festival (RFFF) presents timely and topical and occasionally controversial documentaries on food, food justice and the future of our food system, locally, nationally and around the world. The screenings are accessible and there is always a chance for discussion and dialogue.

Since 2007, the RFFF has been ensuring that high quality, diverse films about food issues are seen in Ottawa. Each Spring and Fall, a short series of films are presented in an accessible and open environment to encourage debate and dialogue. The founding members of the festival are Just Food, USC Canada, The Good Food Box and One World Arts. Other groups associated with the festival have been Canadian Organic Growers - Ottawa Chapter, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, La Siembra/Cocoa Camino and the Ottawa Public Library.

RFFF has hosted the Ottawa Premieres of a number of high profile films (The World According to Monsanto, King Corn, La Reine Malade) and also included local short films, animated shorts and, when possible, visits by the filmmakers themselves.

Some screenings bring out the passion and beauty of food and culture, and others have energized the audiences to take action on local, national and international levels to improve the food system.

Past Festivals